Getting started

If you don’t have any particular complaint, your best starting point would be the detailed email course on The 10 Most Common Causes for Knee Pain.” This 10-part email series covers the most important requirements for healthy knees (most people ignore these completely!) and provides you with practical advice to fix them.

Alternatively, check out these articles:

Here are also some articles on other knee-related topics:

There are many half-baked websites on knee pain out there with low-quality articles. The road less travelled clearly seems to be the one with well-researched material, high quality pictures, and clear writing. That being said, new articles are always in production, but with quality as the main concern, their creation just takes time. If you want to stay up to date on the progress, you can sign on for the newsletter, use the RSS-feed, or go old-school. Just come back in a month or two.

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