Build Stronger Knees in Just 7 Minutes

I read 1,731 research studies on knee pain to find what works best. With these simple exercises you can build stronger knees in just 7 minutes per day.

Build Stronger Knees
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A Proven Method

“I am doing the exercises you proposed and I see amazing results in very short time. Your help is extremely appreciated and I am sure, soon enough I will be able to sign up for a bike racing as I feel my knee getting stronger day after day.”

Marco Costa

“I am not an athlete. I am in my 60's and knew that I did not want to live the rest of my life with knee pain. You enabled me to make my knees strong again and I am grateful.”

Mark Sievers

“Saw huge improvements from basically being maimed before. I am still adjusting to not needing to brace for pain when getting up from a seat, something that wasn’t possible a short while ago.”

Anna Pergilli

“I am not one to normally leave reviews but the results after just 1 week is amazing!”



Reviewed by Doctors

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I’m Martin Koban and I have spent 12+ years researching knee pain. I have published three books and several training courses about the topic.

My work has been reviewed by doctors and has produced thousands of success stories, with new ones coming in every day. I’d love for you to be among them.

In my experience, everyone can get better with the right approach.

Let me send you my very best material for building stronger knees so you can get started right away.

Build Stronger Knees

Hope to see you inside.

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