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Martin KobanI’m Martin Koban, the creator of Fix-Knee-Pain.com.

My goal is to help you get back to living your life the way you love by getting rid of your knee pain.

Millions of people have already used my material and I’d love to help you too.

How My Approach Is Different

Everything you’ll find on Fix-Knee-Pain.com is:

  • Based on academic research
  • Written by someone who actually had tendonitis
  • Supported by the experience of expert tendonitis clinicians

If you’re not seeing the results you want from going to doctors or doing physical therapy, the treatment failed to solve the root cause of your knee pain.

This hidden cause of your pain can be anything from muscular imbalances over bad movement techniques to dangerous dietary choices that destroy your tendons and cartilage, to name just a few examples.

Unfortunately, the majority of doctors and physical therapists ignore these hidden causes when treating you, which is why you’re still in pain.

As a simple analogy, if you had squeaky door, my approach is oiling the hinges and adjusting alignment. Most doctors will just hand you earplugs and tell you not to use the door.

I’ve been researching hidden causes of knee pain since I started this website in 2011. My approach combines up-to-date academic research, the experience of internationally renowned movement experts, and potent anecdotal evidence.


2012 Graduated from the Technical University of Dresden with a degree in Linguistics.
2013 Published Beating Patellar Tendonitis (200+ five star reviews on Amazon).
2013 Worked with the German National Team Volleyball
2014 Published evidence-based course on knee pain rehab through exercise, Total Knee Health (Example reviews: [1], [2], [3], [4], and [5])
2015 Worked with professional basketball player Boštjan Nachbar, who felt “95% better” the following season.
2016 Consulted kite-surfing legend Dimitri Maramenides and then put my public work on hold after I became a father.
2017 – 2018 In-depth research on patellar tendinopathy: worked through over 700 studies to update my knowledge.
2019 Published Tough Tendons, a comprehensive course about getting rid of patellar tendonitis and building strong knees for life (Medically reviewed here and here).
Back to sports in just 4 weeks?
Let me show you the fastest method to get rid of tendonitis that I've found after 10+ years of research and helping thousands of people. Sign up below to get started today.

My Own Knee Pain Story

I’m not a doctor or physical therapist. I began researching knee pain out of necessity.

I’ve been playing basketball and volleyball for most of my life and after 15 years of enjoying these games, I eventually developed knee pain around 2009.

I thought I was doing everything possible to treat this injury. I was stretching regularly, warming up before games, strengthening my legs, and doing whatever else doctors suggested might help. However, the pain never stopped and only grew worse.

Every time I thought I had made progress, the pain returned. The whole experience was so depressing that I almost quit playing my sport.

Today, my knees are completely pain-free. I can play my favorite sports and train exercises that are tough on my knees, such as deep single-leg squats, without having to worry about knee pain.

I didn’t think this was possible, but my legs are now stronger than before my injury.

Martin Koban Jump
A picture of me goofing around with a 47-inch barrel of hay.

Here’s the best part:

Using what I learned through years of research and self-experimentation, I can train my legs to get into even better shape without any risk of knee pain.

Reader Feedback

I have had moderate to severe pain for years. I have started using the exercises you show in the articles and am really happy with the results. Thanks so much!”

– Dave McGrath


I have seen the highest and best known doctors, therapists, and trainers in Los Angeles (LA Lakers, LA Kings, Trainers to the Stars, etc…) and have spent serious money on anything that can help my patella issues and nothing has been as beneficial for my knees as your techniques.”

– Adam B.


I am doing the exercises you proposed and I see amazing results in very short time. Your help is extremely appreciated and I am sure, soon enough I will be able to sign up for a bike racing as I feel my knee getting stronger day after day.”

– Marco


Do you want to get rid of your knee pain?

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning like you used to back when it didn’t hurt. If you love being active, but feel like a prisoner in your own body because of knee pain, I’d love to help you!

Join my advanced course to find out how you can get rid of your knee pain by fixing hidden causes of knee pain.

Back to sports in just 4 weeks?
Let me show you the fastest method to get rid of tendonitis that I've found after 10+ years of research and helping thousands of people. Sign up below to get started today.

   – Martin Koban

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