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Beat Patellar Tendonitis


Get back to being active the way you love and have the strongest knees of your life.

Here’s what you will learn in this book …

  • 9 biomechanical problems that make your patellar tendonitis come back, unless you fix them (Page 22)
  • Which supplements will support your healing (Page 126)
  • How to avoid wasting $1,000s on useless treatment options (Page 133)
  • How to heal your tendonitis through a safe strengthening program (Page 110)
  • Commonly prescribed medication that actually prevents healing (Page 144)
  • How to return to doing what you love without pain coming back (Page 120)

Why Conventional Treatment Fails and What to Do Instead

The reason people struggle with healing tendonitis is because they’re using an outdated treatment approach. For example, icing and ibuprofen only help with certain types of tendonitis.

Even if you’re in the group that could benefit from ibuprofen, you’ll still have to make certain modifications to your training, or else your injury will get worse instead of better.

Your rehab efforts are doomed to fail unless you eliminate hidden causes for patellar tendonitis. These often ignored causes determine how much stress you patellar tendon is subjected to when you’re moving and if you ignore them, your injury will keep getting worse.

Beating Patellar Tendonitis will hand you a proven treatment formula to fix these hidden causes of jumper’s knee so that you can return to doing what you love and stay pain-free for life.

The advice in this book is based on 3 years of self-experimentation through trial and error, hundreds of research studies published in academic journals, and the combined knowledge of thought leaders in the fitness industry.

Reader Feedback About the Book

This book is amazing. I actually suffered from patellar tendonitis and patellofemoral pain, and after years of knee pain and unsuccessful (and expensive) physical therapy sessions, I started working from this book around June 2014 and my knees are back to feeling like normal knees again. I’m a dancer, and finally I can dance as much as I’d like and not worry about the state of my knees the next day.”
– Micheal D.

This is the best resource I’ve found. — I’ve sought solutions for about a quarter of a century too! I first began to have patellar tendonitis in about 1987 or 1988, and now, in 2013-2014, I’ve found the best resource that I know of. Thank you Martin, and great job!”
– Coach G.

After 6 months, my knee is the strongest it has been since I finished a year’s worth of physical therapy surrounding my second knee surgery in the mid-2000s. I am in the process of adding back higher impact exercises, and the additional details in this book are just what I need to get back to the sports I love (running and Irish step dancing).”
– J. Prince

About the Author, Martin Koban

Martin Koban began his research into the hidden causes for patellar tendonitis and knee pain in 2009, after his brother suffered a meniscus tear during volleyball training. In the years that followed, Martin passionately studied the subject to learn how knee injuries can be prevented and how you can eliminate knee pain by fixing its often-ignored underlying causes.

Martin has since published two books on this subject and worked independently with Germany’s national volleyball team. The methods taught in his books are being used by numerous other professional, as well as recreational athletes from a wide range of sports.

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