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100% Based on Scientific Evidence

Hi, I’m Martin Koban, author of Beating Patellar Tendonitis and Total Knee Health. My goal is to help you get rid of your tendonitis permanently.

My approach is 100% based on scientific evidence and has a produced results for professional athletes as well as folks that just want to take the stairs without pain.

More than 4 Million people have already used my material and I’d love to help you too.

Reader Feedback

I have seen the highest and best known doctors, therapists, and trainers in Los Angeles (LA Lakers, LA Kings, Trainers to the Stars, etc...) and have spent serious money on anything that can help my patella issues and nothing has been as beneficial for my knees as your techniques.

- Adam B.

Thank you for helping me save my running career!

- Dean T.

I am doing the exercises you proposed and I see amazing results in very short time. Your help is extremely appreciated and I am sure, soon enough I will be able to sign up for a bike racing as I feel my knee getting stronger day after day.

- Marco

I have had moderate to severe pain for years. I have started using the exercises you show in the articles and am really happy with the results. Thanks so much!

- Dave McGrath

Yes, I want to ...

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