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I have seen the highest and best known doctors, therapists, and trainers in Los Angeles (LA Lakers, LA Kings, Trainers to the Stars, etc...) and have spent serious money on anything that can help my patella issues and nothing has been as beneficial for my knees as your techniques.

-- Adam B.

I am doing the exercises you proposed and I see amazing results in very short time. Your help is extremely appreciated and I am sure, soon enough I will be able to sign up for a bike racing as I feel my knee getting stronger day after day.

-- Marco

I am not an athlete, I am in my 60's and knew that I did not want to live the rest of my life with knee pain. You enabled me to make my knees strong again and I am grateful.

-- M. Sievers

About Martin Koban

I’m Martin Koban and I help people with knee pain get back to living a normal life.

I’ve worked with professional athletes, recreational athletes, and regular people from all around the world.

My books and courses have been used by doctors, coaches, and even one nuclear missile technician.




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