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How a patellar tendon strap can worsen your jumper’s knee


Patellar tendon straps are small elastic bands you can use to reduce your pain from jumper’s knee. They sell like hot cakes on Amazon, but there’s a dark truth behind how they work. In this video, you’ll learn why patellar tendon straps are not actually helping you heal and what to do instead. How Patellar Tendon Straps Work If you have patellar tendonitis, you’ve overworked certain parts of your...

How to Do Eccentric Squats for Patellar Tendonitis


To recover from chronic patellar tendonitis you need to strengthen your patellar tendon safely. The exercise I will show you in a moment will do just that. Using this exercise for patellar tendonitis has been shown to provide treatment outcomes equal to tendon surgery and it is supported by decades of academic research. The exercise I’m talking about is … … eccentric squats on a slanted board...

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