AuthorMartin Koban

How to Do Eccentric Squats for Patellar Tendonitis


To recover from chronic patellar tendonitis you need to strengthen your patellar tendon safely. The exercise I will show you in a moment will do just that. Using this exercise for patellar tendonitis has been shown to provide treatment outcomes equal to tendon surgery and it is supported by decades of academic research. The exercise I’m talking about is … … eccentric squats on a slanted board...

How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt Through Exercise


A healthy hip is very important for efficient movement, since most of the power athletes display is generated at the hip. Jumping, sprinting or deadlifting: without a strong hip you won’t excel at these activities. If we look at posture the hip is just as important, since many times wrong posture can be traced back to adaptations at the hip. So it’s only logical to start looking for...

Exercises to Fix Internal Rotation of the Femur


The topic of this post is the rotation of the femur and specifically you will read about internal rotation of the femur, since this is a usual side-effect of anterior pelvic tilt. If you haven’t yet read the article on anterior pelvic tilt you may want to do so now, because the knowledge will come in handy. What is internal rotation of the femur? The femur is a big bone in your thigh and it...

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