My Knee Pain Heroes and a Book Announcement

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Last month I offered a review copy of my book Total Knee Health to everyone interested and just a few minutes after that offer went out, hundreds of emails from readers started pouring in. Frankly, I was amazed with this reaction. People from all over the world were interested in the book and many of you shared your personal story.

On the internet, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you’re dealing with real people. At first sight, an email may just be text on a screen, but there’s always a real person behind that veil of technology.

I’m very grateful to have all of you as readers. Listening to the personal stories of my email subscribers, I couldn’t help but notice how many amazing and inspiring individuals have found their way to In this mail, I want to highlight two knee pain heroes and I will make an important announcement.

Keep reading to learn more…

My Knee Pain Heroes

Injuries will make many things in life less enjoyable and if you let them, they will suck the joy of life right out of you. It’s tremendously important not to let that happen. You need to stay in control emotionally and psychologically if you want to defeat pain and injuries. Two of my readers illustrate this concept much better than I ever could, so let me introduce them to you.

Sue Hurt, Australia

Sue HurtIn mid-October, Sue will cycle 200 kilometers (125 miles) for charity through Western Australia in an effort to raise awareness and research money for a rare form of blood cancer, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) benefiting the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research.

Taking part in a tough endurance event is already a very gutsy way to battle cancer, but Sue wants to do even more than that. Suffering from CML herself, Sue’s main goal is to set an example for those with CML and to show that “(…) one can engage in life and LIVE WELL WITH CML.”

You can learn more about Sue on this page.

I encourage everyone to support Sue’s charity efforts by making a donation or spreading the word.

Paul Armstrong, Scotland

Paul ArmstrongPaul always felt a deep attraction to the majestic nature of the Scottish Munros. Munros are mountains that are over 3,000 ft high and between 1982 and 2005, Paul has climbed all 282 of them. In July, Paul will revisit his old friends in Scotland, but this time for another reason.

Paul will climb as many Munros as he can within 120 hours to raise money for research into pancreatic cancer and multiple sclerosis treatments. He will do this in loving memory of his mother, Pat, who passed away after struggling with pancreatic cancer for ten months and his sister-in-law, Vicky, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005.

Please show your support for Paul’s quest by making a donation or spreading the word.

You can also leave an encouraging comment on his Facebook-page.

A Lot to Learn

There’s a lot to be learned from role models like Paul and Sue. Whenever we face adversity in our life, maybe in the form of an injury or a personal tragedy, there’s the innate desire to just crawl into a corner and wail in self-pity. I’ve done it in the past and I’ll probably write more about these times in the future.

To an athlete, an injury can be devastating. Not being able to train or compete is horrible and it will mess with your head. However, these troubles pale in comparison to losing a loved one or suffering from an incurable illness.

In spite of these tough burdens, heroes like Paul and Sue come back stronger and more determined. The fact that they’ve found tells me they’re both proactive in dealing with problems.

I’m proud that my book Total Knee Health could help Paul and Sue get closer to their goal and wish both of them best of luck.

Coming Up Next: A New Book on Jumper’s Knee

The reviews of Total Knee Health have been so overwhelming that I decided to start working on a new book. This new title will deal with one knee injury in particular: patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee). I’ve already been working on it for weeks, going through old research and digging up new studies, in an effort to find the most effective treatment approach.

I will keep you updated in the coming weeks. Until then, please go check out Paul and Sue’s pages and show them your support.


  1. I have bakers cyst in both knees…does your book address bakers cyst? If so I will buy it in a second as there is hardly any info out there & my sports doctor didn’t even see it on my MRI – my chiropractor did

  2. Hi Martin,

    Suffering from knee tendonitis at present, which of your books would you recommend – the new one you are currently working on or Total Knee Health.

    Are you still offering any review copies, a bit broke at the moment.

    Fantastic website, great information, thanks,


    • Martin Koban

      Hey Kevin, for tendonitis, definitely pick up Beating Patellar Tendonitis. It’s the most comprehensive book about knee tendonitis that’s available. You can pick it up at Amazon directly, but you can also order it through your local Barnes and Noble.

      Here it is on Amazon:

    • Thanks for the reply, ordered the book yesterday so thanks for the adice. I am at a bit of a crossroads with the treatment, knee has improved but its not fully healed and need to make the final step.


    • Martin Koban

      Hey Kevin,

      Thank you for ordering the book. You’ll definitely find a lot of immediately useful information and many things that haven’t been covered in other books at all.



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