Jumper’s Knee: It’s Okay to Train through Pain If… [Checklist]

If you had jumper’s knee for a while, you know that ignoring pain doesn’t work, so what should you do if you feel pain during your training or even during rehab?

Let’s talk about how you can recover faster by knowing when it’s okay to push through pain.

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Video Transcript

So you’re trying to get rid of patellar tendonitis, but because some pain is always there, you’re not sure how hard to push yourself during rehab or training. You don’t want to cause a setback. [Read more…]

Plus Size? Try These Knee Pain Fixes… No Weight Loss Required!

Cinder ErnstNo weight loss required to fix my knee pain? Seems like a contradiction in terms…

If you are plus size (or larger) and your knees hurt, you’ve probably been told a million times to lose weight. You might even be beating yourself up all the time about that.

Being heavier does put more strain on your knees, that’s just physics, but 95% of all people who lose weight regain within 2-5 years. Always strikes me as crazy that doctors prescribe losing weight even though it has a 95% failure rate.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you’ve been unable to lose weight. It’s not you. It’s the whole concept of weight loss. People want to lose weight and mostly get the wanting, not the weight loss. Let me explain. [Read more…]

Total Knee Health Review by Rachel

If you’re looking for a Total Knee Health review, let me highlight the results Rachel achieved with the program. Rachel’s favorite hobby is hiking. Sadly, her knee pain had gotten so bad, that she had to stop.

“At one point, I thought I’d never hike again – and I was heartbroken!” – Rachel

Physical therapy no longer helped her and the situation was desperate.

In this video, Rachel shares her story and how she healed her knees.

Click this image to view:

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– Martin