How to Get In Shape with Knee Pain (Best Cardio Exercises)

exercising ladyThe worst part about knee pain is watching your fitness wither away as you’re slowly turning into a couch potato.

With every passing day you feel more sluggish and the risk of getting fat and depressed is very real. But what if you could get into better shape instead?

In this article you will learn:

  • 2 knee-friendly exercises for getting in shape
  • Safe cardio options for knee pain (and what to stay away from)
  • A fun training plan you can start with today

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The 3 Steps to Fix Rounded Shoulders & Computer Posture Through Exercise

Working on a computer usually leads to bad posture and rounded shoulders.One question that has been coming up every now and then in reader emails is what you can do to fix rounded shoulders and computer posture.

Like many of us today, I work on the computer a lot and I’ve had my share of health issues as a result. Neck pain, aching wrists, rounded shoulders, poor posture, and stiff hips. Here are the exercises and techniques I use to keep my shoulders healthy.

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