From Crippling Tendonitis to MVP Award: How Pro Athlete Boki Nachbar Beat His Tendonitis to Feel “95% Better”

bokiImagine you had the opportunity to spend every day doing what you love and earning several Million Dollars per year doing it.

Would you take that job?

There’s just one problem.

If you can’t get your knee pain under control, the fun is over.

That was Boki Nachbar’s situation. Among other teams, Boki played professional basketball for the Houston Rockets alongside Yao Ming and for the New Jersey Nets, with Vince Carter and Jason Kidd.

Boki reached out to me for help with his tendonitis last year in August, because the knee pain was ruining his love for basketball. He wanted to keep playing without using painkillers.

Here are his results after Boki and I worked together on a detailed plan for him to follow during his off-season.

  • Won league MVP award in March after a season with horrible tendonitis
  • Feels “95% better” compared to last season
  • Most importantly: Basketball is FUN again

How to Beat Your Tendonitis Using Boki’s Approach

Boki invited me for an interview on his podcast and we talked about a number of topics you’ll find interesting such as:

  • Preventing and rehabbing knee injuries in sports, particularly tendonitis
  • Why my approach helped him get better while the advice his physical therapists gave him didn’t
  • What happens if you play through patellar tendonitis


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Picture by Boštjan Nachbar


  1. Marcus says

    Hi Martin
    My tendonosis came on while touring in Korea. Just from walking. I am not an athlete but did used to jog a little and use the gym weights once a week. All gentle. I cannot walk much without pain now. Pain goes from 0-1 to 8-10 if I walk much, so it gets worse at work during the day. I am a 47 year old teacher. Patellar straps help. But I do not wear them except when walking and do not jog anymore at all. Not for ten weeks now. I have been in Physio for eight weeks for patellar tendonosis in both knees. I overpronate and now have orthotics. Physio has definitely helped improve tone and flexibility and Physio is therefore now mystified why the very gradual improvement has fallen apart the last two weeks. By gradual improvement I mean I had 0 pain at rest and after the rehab exercises. I could walk about 200m and have 1-3 pain that settled to 0-1 in 5 minutes at rest. No pain from sitting. Physio comments on visit last week that left tendon has thickened and Hoffa pad is swollen a bit. But pain is worse on my right, a point bang on the bottom tip of my patellar. The orthopaedic surgeon wants MRIs and further investigation. I have been religiously doing eccentric squats and other exercises shown me and these seemed to be helping but no rest days from them at all might have cumulatively been a bad idea. I note you say have rests of three days between rehab routines. Yesterday I flew ten hours and walking through three airports raised pain level to 10/10. Pain is definitely focal at the join of tendon to patellar. Am resting the morningsng after and pain back down to 3. However it was 0 the morning before travelling. Do you have any advice? Any thoughts are welcome. Do you think not having adequate rest days between rehab routines might be the issue? I can’t even walk much which is so debilitating. Thank you.

  2. James P says

    I just purchased your book and flex board. I am excited about your program. I am a mountain biker and need to take a brake to deal with my PT.

    Thanks again,

  3. Kavita says

    Hi I have what the doctor called running knee wear and tear what to do doctor say my knee cap is all so small got lots of pain when I try to do squat I m53.but don’t look my age love working out in the gym can you help me thank you

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